Repertoire - Neue Musik (pdf)


Double Talk - Contemporary Japanese Music for recorder and koto

works by Ishii, Hosokawa, Matsunaga, Kanno, Ohmae, Shinohara

Gudula Rosa, recorder+Makiko Goto, koto

"During the CD recording carried out at SFB (SenderFreies Berlin) on November 20 and 21, 2001, I got to hear Miss Gudula Rosa`s performance of it. I wish to note that, as the composer, I was delighted not only with her high level of artistic stability but particularly by her performance that firmly grasped Black Intention`s content." Maki Ishii (12/2001)


Ko Ku - Contemporary Japanese and Chinese Music for Recorder and Percussion - Gudula Rosa, recorder+Haruka Fujii, percussion

works by Cage, Ishii, Miyoshi, Chan, Matsunaga



Werke von Bach, Galliard, Graf, Händel, Ragazzi, Vivaldi

Das Junge Westfälische Barockensemble